Riding the Icelandic horse in Reykjavík area


Icelandic horse – the loyal friend

Icelanders are a very proud nation, when it comes to… yeah, most things. Most visitors who come to Iceland, are bound to be asked, how do you like Iceland? For those who answer, hmm it’s OK, might get an icy response.

But the Icelandic pride is not only limited to it´s people, cuisine and nature, as the Icelandic horse is one of Iceland´s big prides. The horse is a breed that has been developed in Iceland and is descended from horses that the settlers brought with them to Iceland, over eleven centuries ago.

The Icelandic horse is known for it´s small size, the toughness and two gaits in additions to the typical walk, trot and gallop displayed by other horses. The five-gaited Icelandic horses have been helpful helpers in Iceland´s rough conditions and landscape and have a great ability to cross rough terrain, such as lava fields.


Want to ride the Icelandic horse?

There are few companies in Reykjavík and vicinity which offer horseback riding tours, ranging from few hours to few days. Most of them offer lavatours, where horseback riders can ride the horse, while enjoying the unique lavafields. We also recommend taking a midnight tour; nothing beats riding a horse in the midnight sun in the summertime, preferably along a beach.

Three companies in Reykjavik area

Íshestar Located in Hafnarfjörður and offers several tours, ranging from few hours, to few days as well as combination of horseback riding and other activities.

Eldhestar Located in Ölfus, only 30 minutes drive from Reykjavík. This company also offers various tours, also ranging from few hours to few days, along with packages.

Reykjavik Riding Center Located only about 8 minutes from the city center and offers six different horse riding tours from Reykjavík. They have great facilities in a large equestrian center. Rauðhólar (Red Hills) are about 2,000 meters from the center. The hills are a unique natural phenomena surrounded by lava formations. Heiðmörk, a peaceful and beautiful nature area is also close by.

If you’ve decided to bark on an adventure and ride the Icelandic horse next time you’re in Reykjavik, Íshestar have made this fantastic getting-started video, for those who have never been riding before but would like to try a gentle horse:

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