Swimming in Reykjavik


Iceland is famous for its geothermal energy so there is no wonder that swimming and soaking in hot springs is one of Icelanders favorite past time activities. There is a saying about the Finns, that they truly open up in their saunas, and one could say similar thing about Icelanders. In the hot tubs, people discuss the current events in the society and enjoy socialising. Swimming in Reykjavik is a breeze since there are pools in all areas.

Swimming has been intertwined in the Icelandic culture for centuries and today all children go swimming weekly during few years of their school education. For many foreigners, Icelandic swimming pools are a sight to see, as most are outdoor and heated, however they also usually offer different water slides and several different hot tubs and either saunas or steam baths.

Swimming in Reykjavik – choose between 20 pools

20 swimming pools, in Reykjavik and the capital area, is a massive amount for a population of 120,000 people, so there is plenty of space for travellers to dive in and enjoy the natural resources as well. Swimming in Reykjavik is not only about jumping into the man made pools, there are also several hot springs in the vicinity of the capital, ask at the tourist information or your hotel for the nearest naturla hot spring. Here are some of Reykjavík’s finest swimming pools:

Árbæjarlaug is a fairly new swimming pool, with various hot tubs, children pool and slides. When locals want to go swimming in Reykjavik, many go here but there are less tourists here since the pool is located in a suburb of Reykjavik.

Laugardalslaug is probably the most popular swimming pool in the country. It has over 5 hot tubs and a large waterslide. The pool is also centrally located so this one gives an epic swimming in Reykjavik experience.

Sundhöllin is the oldest swimming pool in Iceland and is located on Barónsstígur, so here you’ll be swimming in Reykjavik downtown. The swimming pool is indoor but there is a steambath and hot tubs outdoors, which offer you view over the city. Below are some snapshots from Sundhöllin.




Here you’ll find information about location, opening hours and pool rules in Reykjavík.

Swimming pools in Reykjavik
Swimming pools in Reykjavik
Date published: 08/01/2013
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