Romantic trip to Reykjavík: 4 ways to a romantic date


Romantic date does not always have to involve strolling a beach at sunset, as Reykjavík has plenty to offer (besides the white beach Nauthólsvík) love birds who want to enjoy a romantic trip in the Icelandic Capital. Icelanders are perhaps not known to be as romantic as Italians and French, however they do know how to treat their loved one, at least once in a while.

In the recent years, the Icelandic dating life has blossomed and now Iceland has an actual dating culture, which hardly existed two decades ago. Icelandic companies have responded to this trend and now Reykjavík offers many possibilities for romantic dates for Icelanders and those coming to Reykjavík for a romantic trip.

Our 4 favorite tips to a romantic date in Reykjavík


1) The  dinner and cruise experience

Why not enjoy a five course luxury dinner while cruising along the coast of Reykjavík? Reykjavík Dinner Cruise offers you just that. You and your loved one can enjoy the lights of Reykjavík while enjoying your lovely meal and wines.

2) The SPA date

Iceland is known for it´s geothermal energy and Laugar Spa has taken an advantage of that. This luxuary spa, offers you a perfect relaxation in their calming environment, with variety of herbal saunas and steam baths, hot tubs, massages and a relaxation room with a fireplace. If you get hungry, you’ll find a restaurant inside the spa, where you can enjoy a healthy meal and a glass of wine with you loved one, wearing your bathrobe, for the ultimate cozy feel. Romantic date, here I come!

3) Romantic date on a budget

Reykjavík city center is quint and colorful, with many old timber houses and hilly streets, packed with cafes, bars and restaurants. Why not start the day in one of the Icelandic bakeries and get a ‘kleina‘ while walking around the city center. If you head to the harbor, then you can enjoy a nice walk to Grótta (located in Seltjarnarnes), where you and your loved one, can have a romantic stroll on the beach, with a view over the old lighthouse and the city – or simply soak your tired feet in the hot feet bath near the beach.

4) The not so traditional restaurant date in Reykjavík

What is more romantic than feeding the hungry stomach of your loved one? As Reykjavík has so many great restaurants, why not spread your meal across few of them and have your starter at one, while having your main course at another one. A perfect end of the evening would be to get a dessert and some digestif at a cool lounge bar or simply an icecream in one of the small shops on the shopping street Laugavegur, while having an evening stroll around the pond, sprinkled with an amazing light in the skies.

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