Mývatn – a nature paradise in North Iceland

Mývatn is a special place. Most Icelanders stop by the area when travelling in North Iceland.


Mývatn is the second largest lake in Iceland, 36,5 km² and lies through a volcanic belt in the North of Iceland. Many volcanoes are in close proximity to the lake, such as Hverfjall, Krafla and Þrengslaborgir.
No wonder this place has a mystic feel to it.


A view over the lake

Around 374 people live in the area, which welcomes travellers with it’s hotel, couple of guesthouses and last but not least a nature baths a’la Blue Lagoon. The difference is that these nature baths have an incredible view over the Mývatn area.

If you’re up for a marathon on your vacation, you can enrol in the local marathon that takes place each summer and has a beautiful route around the lake.


What to do while at Mývatn

• Get fit while biking around and see the volcanic features of Lake Mývatn
• Get refreshed while having a cold beer in the old farm tavern in Reykjahlíð
• Unwind and heal in the natural baths of Mývatn, the blue lagoon of the North
• Fly above the lake. Challenge yourself flying a small airplane with an instructor next to you


A small farm in the area

The lake is notorious for its trout fish and many farmers smoke their trout. If you have the chance passing by Lake Mývatn, trying the juicy smoked trout on top of a geyser bread, which is baked in one of the areas geysers, is the ideal picnic meal.

Reykjahlíð village in Mývatn has the largest land in Iceland or around 6.000km².  There are 162 residents in the village.


History fact
The longest volcano eruption in Iceland happened in Mývatn, from 1724-1729.
Lava flowed across the area from the crater Leirhnjúkur, burying 3 farms, including
the well-known farm Reykjahlíð. The eruption is called Mývatnseldar.

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