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Swimming in Reykjavik

Iceland is famous for its geothermal energy so there is no wonder that swimming and soaking in hot springs is one of Icelanders favorite past time activities. There is a saying about the Finns, that they truly open up in their saunas, and one could say similar thing about Icelanders. In the hot tubs, people [...]

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Mývatn – a nature paradise in North Iceland

Mývatn is a special place. Most Icelanders stop by the area when travelling in North Iceland. Mývatn is the second largest lake in Iceland, 36,5 km² and lies through a volcanic belt in the North of Iceland. Many volcanoes are in close proximity to the lake, such as Hverfjall, Krafla and Þrengslaborgir. No wonder this [...]

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The Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Iceland is the geothermal spa everybody is been talking about. Some people love it, others feel that their expectations were not fully met. Either way, the spot is still one of the top tourist attractions in the country. The steamy water is a part of a lava formation and the water is rich in minerals [...]

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Sundhöllin: The oldest swimming pool in Reykjavik

Have a swim in the oldest swimming pool in Reykjavik, Sundhöllin. It does not matter what the weather is, you can always take a swim in a swimming pool in Iceland. You can choose between different temperatures in the hot tubs and between indoor or outdoor. Sundhöllin started taking shape in 1929 but was first [...]

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