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The Viking Heritage

We have often heard from foreigners that visit Iceland, that Icelanders are very proud of their heritage. Now being Icelanders ourselves, we often fall into the same trap, of becoming quite “nationalistic”. Maybe not a surprise then that foreigners frequently find themselves in a conversation with a local about the significance of the Icelandic heritage, [...]

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Iceland Geothermal Energy

Iceland Geothermal Energy – Due to the location of Iceland and the high concentration of volcanic activity, Iceland is blessed with abundance of geothermal energy, which is used for heating, production of electricity and as a method of relaxation and leisure. During the course of the 20th century, Iceland went from being one of the [...]

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Ásatrú – the religion of the Vikings

The Vikings believed in Ásatrú, the original religion in Iceland and the old Viking pagan religion. The beginning of the world According to Ásatrú, there was nothing in the beginning of the world apart from Ginnungargap. Ginnungargap, was bordered to Niflheimur, which was the place of darkness and ice and to Múspellsheimur, the place of [...]

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8 ways to step in the trails of the Icelandic Vikings

First, let’s talk a bit about history… Iceland is believed to have been permanently settled around 874, by Ingólfur Arnarson. According to Landsnámabók, (The Book of Settlement), Ingólfur Arnarson threw carved pillars overboard his ship, vowing to settle wherever the pillars landed. They drifted to Reykjavík where Ingólfur Arnarson settled. Ingólfur was the first Viking [...]

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The home of the President of Iceland – Bessastaðir and Álftanes

Get up close and personal with the president Bessastaðir is one of Reykjavík´s hidden gem, only located few kilometers from the capital city in Álftanes, a town in Reykjavík Capital Area.

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Thingvellir National Park – world heritage

Thingvellir National Park is important because of its history, geology and cultural importance History Icelanders founded the world´s first parliament Alþingi at Thingvellir National Park in 930. During the Common Wealth, Iceland was divided into quarters and each quarter had nine Goðar or Chieftains, apart from North Iceland, which had three further Chieftains. All together Iceland had [...]

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Sundhöllin: The oldest swimming pool in Reykjavik

Have a swim in the oldest swimming pool in Reykjavik, Sundhöllin. It does not matter what the weather is, you can always take a swim in a swimming pool in Iceland. You can choose between different temperatures in the hot tubs and between indoor or outdoor. Sundhöllin started taking shape in 1929 but was first [...]

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The Icelandic language

The Icelandic language. Since the early nineteenth century, language purism has been the linguistic policy in the country. Instead of adopting foreign words for new concepts, new words (neologisms) are coined or old words revived and given a new meaning. Neologisms are most often formed by joining existing words or parts of words together in a new [...]

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