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The Reykjavik Culture Night 2014

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Festivals: June in Iceland. Celebrate the Icelandic way.

The Summer is the time, when the sun rises again and Icelanders go into celebration mood after a long dark winter. There are countless celebrations across villages and towns in Iceland during the Summer months, where visitors can partake and celebrate with the locals. These are some of the best: Icelandic National Day 17th June: [...]

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Iceland Airwaves Festival

Celebrate Music Through The Airwaves Festival Iceland celebrates music through the Airwaves festival which has been held in Reykjavik every year since 1999.

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Reykjavik Jazz Festival – In August

About the Reykjavik Jazz Festival Jazz jazz jazz. Reykjavík becomes quite jazzy in the middle of August each year when The Reykjavik Jazz Festival is launched. Tourists who are thinking of going to Iceland could go there any time of year because there are different festivals all throughout the year. In August, Jazz lovers are [...]

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Festivals in Hafnarfjörður

Hafnarfjörður is located in The Greater Reykajvík Area, in the middle of an old lava field. It’s a beautiful town (the 3rd largest in Iceland) with a special history, a thriving commerce and education possibilities. Here is an overview of the festivals in Hafnarfjörður: Festivals in Hafnarfjörður Bright Days in Hafnarfjörður, celebrated in the beginning of June each [...]

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In May – Reykjavik Arts Festival

Reykjavík Arts Festival (Listahátíð í Reykjavík) is celebrated each year in May. It is said that the festival is one of Northern Europe’s oldest and most esteemed arts festivals. Reykjavik celebrates the Arts Festival every year during May. This festival started way back, in the 1970’s, and is considered one of the oldest and most respected [...]

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