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perspective on Iceland

Canadian perspective on Iceland

Last Summer I spent in the Icelandic countryside with a friend from Canada. As we are both avid hikers and campers, I was quite excited to show him the beautiful Icelandic nature. Even though he was wowed by the diversity and the pureness of the Icelandic nature, other facts seemed to amaze him even more. [...]

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Icelandic Winter Feast-thorramatur

Icelandic Winter Feast: Þorrablót

One of Icelanders favourite festivals is Þorrablót or the mid-winter feast which takes place annually during the period of „Þorrinn“ at the end of January until mid February. During the period of Þorrinn, the Icelandic people celebrate the old Viking traditions such as „blót“ or

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Cottage life in Iceland and the hot tub culture

If you’d ask us what Icelanders love doing in weekends, our answer would probable be; going with their loved ones to their cottage or rent one with family and/or friends.

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Gay Friendly Iceland

The gay friendly mayor of Reykjavík, Jón Gnarr, has once again hit the headlines, after threatening to break off the relationship with Moscow, after the Russian capital declared it´s negative stance on gay rights.

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Swimming in Reykjavik

Iceland is famous for its geothermal energy so there is no wonder that swimming and soaking in hot springs is one of Icelanders favorite past time activities. There is a saying about the Finns, that they truly open up in their saunas, and one could say similar thing about Icelanders. In the hot tubs, people [...]

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Explore the hidden world of elves

It is possible to explore the hidden world of elves which is built on lava and boulders in Hafnarfjörður, and is believed to be the home of the biggest community of elves in Iceland. There are few locations of ‘Hidden Folk’ communities in the area, among htem ‘Hamarinn, where it is said the Royal Family of the Hidden [...]

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The Icelandic language

The Icelandic language. Since the early nineteenth century, language purism has been the linguistic policy in the country. Instead of adopting foreign words for new concepts, new words (neologisms) are coined or old words revived and given a new meaning. Neologisms are most often formed by joining existing words or parts of words together in a new [...]

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What to do in the “capital” of Westfjords – Ísafjörður

Ísafjörður is a town with 2,600 residents. It lies on a sandspit in a fjord that connects with the great fjord, Ísafjarðardjúp.  Ísafjarðardjúp is known for its nature and is a great place for those who are thirsty for an adventure and outdoor activities. The fjord is up to 20 km. wide and is 120 km. long [...]

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