Hekla volcano might be close to an eruption

Hekla volcano eruption Iceland

The last big eruption in Iceland was in Eyjafjallajökull

Experts say that the Icelandic mega-volcano Hekla, could be close to an eruption. Hekla Is the biggest volcano in Iceland and erupts approximately every 10 years. The last eruption was in the year 2000, so one might say that Hekla is overdue.

When eruption occurs in Hekla, it usually happens with a very short notice; sometimes only few hours after changes in activity have been registered. Not many people live around Hekla volcano, so that’s one less thing to worry about. The same cannot be said about a possible disruption in international flight traffic.

What indicates possible eruption in Hekla?

Icelandic geologists have registered some movement in the magma with GPS devices, the last couple of days. This indicates that a possible eruption is on its way.

If eruption will occur, hopefully it won’t be a big one. Really big eruptions happen approximately every hundred years, the last big one was 60 years ago.

The ashes from Hekla are not the friendly kind because they include a large amount of fluorine. Unfortunately Hekla is also the volcano in Iceland that produces the largest mount of ashes, so if something happens we’ll cross fingers and hope that flight traffic won’t be affected like in 2010 with a the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull.

Might be nothing to worry about

We might be crying ‘wolf wolf, because volcanoes can have show some activity and then go quiet again. That is actually what happened to Hekla approximately seven years ago; it showed some changes and then fell asleep again.

Another aspect we have to remember is that even though there is activity in Hekla, it could happen that another volcano would erupt instead. This is because most of the volcanoes in Iceland are connected in one way or the other, at approximately 14 km. depth underground.

Live webcam from Hekla


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March 20, 2014 17:45 CET: No further signs of eruption at the moment.
According to the Iceland Geology blog, Icelandic Authorities are setting up new warning signs to warn people and provide guidance in advance in the case an eruption starts. Furthermore, geological scientists are installing more gas monitoring hardware close up to Hekla volcano.

March 25, 2014 15:15 CET: Three earthquakes were registered at Hekla volcano yesterday. There is no sign of eruption, only earthquakes at this stage. Updates are available at the Icelandic Met Office.

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