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Solar eclipse seen from Iceland

What a fantastic day in Iceland. We were so lucky to be able to experience up to 98% solar eclipse! Here is a sneak peek from Icelanders on Instagram. There are many drugs for male impotency cure. What about sexual health and buy viagra or order viagra online? Perhaps you already know about it. Typically, [...]

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Free Airport Transportation in Iceland

Iceland has been known, among tourists, to be one of the more expensive places in Europe, and with quite high car rental prices. However, it seems that not everything is as expensive as one might think, some things are even free! The Icelandic car rental company, RED has now started to offers its customers, who [...]

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Could the Northern Lights help with fertility?

The world we live in never ceases to amaze. When you think you have heard it all, you hear something new! Coming from a superstitious country with plenty of legends about the Northern Lights, you think you are pretty sure you know them all, but here is a new one: The Japanese and Chinese have [...]

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Breast milk ice cream. A Taste of Childhood?

One thing seems to be certain about Icelanders: they never cease to amaze the world. And the newest stunt? Well let’s put it this way – the Icelandic ice cream maker, Kjörís decided to create a new variation of an ice cream for the yearly Ice Cream Day. This new variation has almost nothing to [...]

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Bardarbunga Volcano – Updated

29th August 2014 Eruption was confirmed at 00.02 and lasted 2-3 hours on Friday morning. This was a small deviation from the process that is going on in the area, magma is still flowing and cracks are forming in the landscape. First pictures from TF-SIF show that the fissure is 900m long and around 5km [...]

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Flight news: possible strike at Keflavik airport – updated

8,000 travellers flying to, from or catching a connecting flight via Iceland might become quite frustrated at 4 o’clock (Icelandic time) Wednesday morning the 30th of April 2014. Possible strike at Keflavík aiport The staff at Keflavík airport and actually all Icelandic airports for that matter, plan a strike at above mentioned time. Negotiations have been [...]

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Hekla volcano might be close to an eruption

Experts say that the Icelandic mega-volcano Hekla, could be close to an eruption. Hekla Is the biggest volcano in Iceland and erupts approximately every 10 years. The last eruption was in the year 2000, so one might say that Hekla is overdue. When eruption occurs in Hekla, it usually happens with a very short notice; [...]

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