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perspective on Iceland

Canadian perspective on Iceland

Last Summer I spent in the Icelandic countryside with a friend from Canada. As we are both avid hikers and campers, I was quite excited to show him the beautiful Icelandic nature. Even though he was wowed by the diversity and the pureness of the Icelandic nature, other facts seemed to amaze him even more. [...]

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Icelandic Ghosts

According to Icelandic folklore, Iceland is inhabited by dozens types of ghosts. Ghosts are even believed to be so common and so intertwined into the Icelandic culture, that Iceland has its own Ghost Centre located in the town of Stokkseyri. In the Ghost Centre, visitors can learn all about Iceland´s most famous ghosts and be [...]

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5 things Icelanders living abroad have a craving for

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The Reykjavik Culture Night 2014

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The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle. That’s our answer when asked about one of the most popular tourist route in Iceland. There is no surprise that hundreds of thousands of tourist visiting Iceland travel this magnificant route each year to lay eye on some of Iceland´s most unique landmarks. One of those is the historical site Þingvellir, where the [...]

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Kjarvalsstadir museum

Kjarvalsstadir is a beloved place in Reykjavik, a modern art museum with a cozy café, a museum shop and a fantastic garden and a grass field that is sometimes used as a music venue. The exhibitions at Kjarvalsstadir are a mix of a permanent and temporary exhibitions. The artists are both Icelandic and international, Yoko Ono is one of [...]

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Plokkfiskur: The Icelandic fish stew

Iceland, as every country, has few signature dishes. Although people can argue what the Icelandic signature dish is, most Icelanders would agree that the Icelandic fish stew, (plokkfiskur) is one of those. Like with most signature dishes, most families have their own

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Icelandic Beers

In most people’s minds, the notion of a beer is something perhaps connected to Belgian beers or having an ice cold pint in an English or Irish pub. Certainly not something Iceland would be famous for. It is definitely an overstretch to claim that Iceland is famous for its beers. However for a country where [...]

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