A family trip to Iceland: driving around the island

    My love affair with Iceland started already online before my trip. Until reading Alison’s article on Iceland’s Golden Circle, I always thought of it as a barren, cold, and ...


Hekla volcano might be close to an eruption

Experts say that the Icelandic mega-volcano Hekla, could be close to an eruption. Hekla Is the biggest volcano in Iceland and erupts approximately every 10 years. The last eruption was ...


Infographic: Tourists in Iceland

Who doesn’t love to get dry stats visually presented? We took a look at the tourist industry in Iceland in 2013 and found the following estimations: Tourists in Iceland 779,000 ...

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12 Windows To Iceland

Be in Iceland in real time… right now Iceland is one of ...

Ásatrú – the religion of the Vikings

The Vikings believed in Ásatrú, the original religion in Iceland and the ...

The home of the President of Iceland – Bessastaðir and Álftanes

Get up close and personal with the president Bessastaðir is one of ...

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Iceland Writers Retreat

Workshops and prominent writers Through the retreat you will be able to develop your writing skills as well as meet with famous authors and other writers alike. The retreat is made up of workshops and panels that are conducted by authors. There will be talks by local writers and a tour to some of the cultural [...]

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Icelandic Winter Feast-thorramatur

Icelandic Winter Feast: Þorrablót

One of Icelanders favourite festivals is Þorrablót or the mid-winter feast which takes place annually during the period of „Þorrinn“ at the end of January until mid February. During the period of Þorrinn, the Icelandic people celebrate the old Viking traditions such as „blót“ or sacrifice of the Vikings which was the Vikings sacrifice to [...]

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Icelandic football

While travelling abroad, many Icelanders get hit by the question of Icelandic football teams and Icelandic football players. I personally have to admit, even growing up in Iceland and following some of the football teams, I am far more acquainted with the British ones, than the Icelandic ones. However, Iceland has a fantastic football scene [...]

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Exotic Icelandic Cuisine

Being a native Icelander, I always believed the food I grew up with, the Icelandic cuisine, the food my family and friends enjoyed together was pretty normal to other people too. Some of the daring Icelandic cuisine to try while in Iceland

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New Year’s Eve in Iceland

If you want to kick off your New Year in style this year, then celebrating the New Year´s Eve in Iceland could be the way to go. The New Year´s Eve in Iceland is truly something else, something you have to experience to believe! So why is the New Year´s Eve so different in Iceland? Icelanders [...]

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What do the locals do in the long winter in Iceland?

Winter in Iceland What do locals do in the winter in Iceland? This is a question, many foreigners ask themselves. They are curious to know how Icelanders cope with months of

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