Free Airport Transportation in Iceland

Iceland has been known, among tourists, to be one of the more expensive places in Europe, and with quite high car rental prices. However, it seems that not everything is ...


Top 5 restaurants in Reykjavik

As with many nations, most Icelanders love food and enjoy different food depending on the season.  During the Summer, the barbeques are dragged out from the storage and you can ...


Could the Northern Lights help with fertility?

The world we live in never ceases to amaze. When you think you have heard it all, you hear something new! Coming from a superstitious country with plenty of legends ...

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5 things Icelanders living abroad have a craving for

Few days ago, I had a craving and went to this quaint little Italian restaurant for dinner with a friend. This restaurant was family run and brought the authentic flavours of Italy to the diners. While we were enjoying our meal, the owner came to chat with us and asked us where we were from. [...]

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Breast milk ice cream. A Taste of Childhood?

One thing seems to be certain about Icelanders: they never cease to amaze the world. And the newest stunt? Well let’s put it this way – the Icelandic ice cream maker, Kjörís decided to create a new variation of an ice cream for the yearly Ice Cream Day. This new variation has almost nothing to [...]

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The Reykjavik Culture Night 2014

For nearly 20 years, Reykjavik has celebrated the annual Reykjavik Culture Night. The Culture Night takes place all over the Icelandic capital, now on the 23rd of August, with countless of celebrations and shows in the city streets, squares, museums, homes and businesses. With over 600 events, the Reykjavik Culture Night is the biggest festival [...]

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Bardarbunga Volcano – Updated

29th August 2014 Eruption was confirmed at 00.02 and lasted 2-3 hours on Friday morning. This was a small deviation from the process that is going on in the area, magma is still flowing and cracks are forming in the landscape. First pictures from TF-SIF show that the fissure is 900m long and around 5km [...]

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The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle. That’s our answer when asked about one of the most popular tourist route in Iceland. There is no surprise that hundreds of thousands of tourist visiting Iceland travel this magnificant route each year to lay eye on some of Iceland´s most unique landmarks. One of those is the historical site Þingvellir, where the [...]

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puffin-coffee 3

Puffin Coffee – buy a cup of coffee through a window!

Sverrir Rolf Sander, is one hell of a unique coffee vendor, as he serves coffee from the window of his apartment. When Sverrir is home, he sometimes opens up his window and places a sign in the window or outside on the street offering people coffee. Sverrir has named his business, Puffin Coffee, where he [...]

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Music festivals in Iceland in August 2014

If you were impressed by the variety of the festivals in July, then the ones in August will not disappoint you. Top music festivals in August Þjóðhátíð í Eyjum (National Fesival in the Westman Islands) In Iceland, the first weekend of August is the annual shopkeeper’s holiday, named Verslunarmannahelgi. 

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festival in Iceland 2014

Music Festivals in Iceland in July 2014

If you are a music lover and are on your way to Iceland this summer, we have some good news for you: Iceland has a remarkable music scene, musically and location wise. The music industry in Iceland is a buzzing industry which reaches its peak during the summer, where over 30 music festivals are held [...]

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