festival in Iceland 2014

Music Festivals in Iceland in July 2014

If you are a music lover and are on your way to Iceland this summer, we have some good news for you: Iceland has a remarkable music scene, musically and ...


Kjarvalsstadir museum

Kjarvalsstadir is a beloved place in Reykjavik, a modern art museum with a cozy café, a museum shop and a fantastic garden and a grass field that is sometimes used as a music venue. ...


Plokkfiskur: The Icelandic fish stew

Iceland, as every country, has few signature dishes. Although people can argue what the Icelandic signature dish is, most Icelanders would agree that the Icelandic fish stew, (plokkfiskur) is one ...

In focus


The Viking Heritage

We have often heard from foreigners that visit Iceland, that Icelanders are ...

Great Apps when travelling in Iceland

If you are travelling to Iceland in the near future, here are ...

12 Windows To Iceland

Be in Iceland in real time… right now Iceland is one of ...

Latest News


Icelandic Beers

In most people’s minds, the notion of a beer is something perhaps connected to Belgian beers or having an ice cold pint in an English or Irish pub. Certainly not something Iceland would be famous for. It is definitely an overstretch to claim that Iceland is famous for its beers. However for a country where [...]

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Festivals: June in Iceland. Celebrate the Icelandic way.

The Summer is the time, when the sun rises again and Icelanders go into celebration mood after a long dark winter. There are countless celebrations across villages and towns in Iceland during the Summer months, where visitors can partake and celebrate with the locals. These are some of the best: Icelandic National Day 17th June: [...]

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Flight news: possible strike at Keflavik airport – updated

8,000 travellers flying to, from or catching a connecting flight via Iceland might become quite frustrated at 4 o’clock (Icelandic time) Wednesday morning the 30th of April 2014. Possible strike at Keflavík aiport The staff at Keflavík airport and actually all Icelandic airports for that matter, plan a strike at above mentioned time. Negotiations have been [...]

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4 internationally famous Icelanders

Iceland is not always on top of peoples minds but now and again it attracts a lot of attention, usually because of natural forces but also because of some creative Icelanders. Icelanders have to admit that because of their limited population, there are many people out there who might have never heard of the place. [...]

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Hekla volcano might be close to an eruption

Experts say that the Icelandic mega-volcano Hekla, could be close to an eruption. Hekla Is the biggest volcano in Iceland and erupts approximately every 10 years. The last eruption was in the year 2000, so one might say that Hekla is overdue. When eruption occurs in Hekla, it usually happens with a very short notice; [...]

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Infographic: Tourists in Iceland

Who doesn’t love to get dry stats visually presented? We took a look at the tourist industry in Iceland in 2013 and found the following estimations: Tourists in Iceland 779,000 visitors Most tourists in Iceland come from the UK, USA and Germany 730,000 travel to Iceland via airplane, unfortunately none via telepathy, jeez it

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